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Q: How long does the approval process take?
A: Approvals are generally processed within 48 hours, often much faster.
Q: Why am I seeing an "Access Denied" message?
A: Make sure you are logged into Google services (such as Drive or Gmail) with an account that has been approved. If you don't have an approved account, you'll need to apply for access.
Q: I shared an asset link with someone at my center, but they can't access it. They only see a "Request for Access" message. What should I do?
A: There are two options:
1. Download the assets and send them directly to your colleague.
2. Your colleague must apply to become an NKT Web member and be logged into their approved account to access the assets.
Q: How can I revoke my access if I no longer need it?
A: To revoke access, go to Google Groups and leave the NKT group you were added to.